Ideal for parking space problems

Structure designed with a hydraulic transmission technology system.
Stable movement, with very little noise and speeds up to 4 times faster than others.
Designed with a high levels of safety, anti-drop frames, weight sensors, etc.
Little coverage area with high yields of space usage. It can increase the current capacity of a parking lot up to 6 times.

Parking Optimization Systems

In modern cities around the world, land available to build is dwindling at an accelerated rate, while at the same time the cost per square foot is rising. In turn, the number of vehicles circulating in the cities continues to increase, which means that the demand for space available for parking from public institutions, private companies, shops, schools and housing complexes, among others, is growing and in many cases the simple availability of parking becomes a critical factor in determining the success or failure of a business.

For all the above reasons, and many more, Parking Optimization Systems have become the ideal solution to meet and satisfy this growing demand, given the following competitive advantages:

• Maximum use of space.
• Competitive costs and lower installation times when compared to traditional parking solutions.
• Fully scalable system: in a planned manner, a system can start with a small module that can be
  expanded with more modules over time.
• Low operating and maintenance costs.
• Multiple security mechanisms.

Bayshore, via its Sky Parking product line, has a broad portfolio of optimized parking solutions, both small and large scale, and for different types of vehicles.

Sistemas de Optimización de Parqueos


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